Our philosophy

Software should be fun to use and should free you from annoying tasks. This gives you peace of mind and time to care about the important things: Customer Satisfaction and Business Development.

The face of the printing industry has changed much in the last decade. A development driven by the introduction of mass-ready digital printing equipment and the internet as a powerful sales channel. While in the past huge print runs allowed for huge margins, today's orders are smaller, individiualised products, which need to be put on paper quickly. The services offered by printers have extended beyond printing: prepress services and logistics play an important role in todays competitive market. Many of these new areas of business need to be adressed completely different by software than the classic print business. Customers no longer look for a specific product, but for complete fullfilment. The printer becomes a service provider, from creating marketing ideas for customers, putting the ink on paper and then sending the products in different languages to multiple locations.

Traditional printing companies face enormous challenges: how can they adapt to a fast changing market? Which niches can they successfully occupy in the long term? Which technologies are important and sustainable, and which are little more than hot air? The complexity of these questions is increasing rapidly.

We help printers overcome these problems by building a strong software foundation, which is ready for the digital challenges that loom on the horizon. Together, we discover and develop new business opportunities in the digital era.

Keyline is not yet another MIS behemoth packed with obscure functions and bad UI. We decided to take a fundamentally different approach. For us, the M in MIS does not simply stand for management, instead Keyline extends deeply into the manufacturing process on the shop floor. The system also integrates machines and external software with our extensive APIs, thus serving as a powerful data backbone for your entire operation, that collects, distributes and analyses data from various internal and external sources.

Keyline is made by a team of young, motivated and ambitous experts with various backgrounds, from printing to IT to cargo handling. The core of our philosophy is an uncomplicated and unorthodox partnership with our customers. Instead of just talk and promises, we deliver. Instead of creating exuberant specificions, we work in an agile fashion: We iterate quickly. We test, try and improve our products steadily. We are not afraid of taking wrong turns in order to figure out how to do things best. We believe that this is the only way to shape to future of such a turbulent business as the printing industry.

Join us on our journey towards digitalisation and experience the "Keyline way" first hand.

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