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Our APIs allow you to connect shops, customer ERPs or CRMs directly to Keyline. This easy, bi-directional data flow is the foundation for automation and customer happiness.

Inbox API

The Inbox API is specificly tailored to allow external software, such as webshops or even your customer's ERP to easily create orders and jobs in your Keyline account, without much knowledge about the internal workings.

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Advanced API

The Advanced API allows you full access to the powers of Keyline, such as conceptionalising print products in Keyline. With the Advanced API you can create and modify orders, products, components, finishing, packaging, shipments, or even different production paths for comparison. You can really get creative with this one.

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File-based Paper Import

The basis of an automated calculation is good data from your suppliers. In cases where there is no specific API, we have designed a file format, which standardises paper information for easy import and use in Keyline.

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More to come...

We are working hard every day to improve our APIs and adjust them to our customers needs. Stay tuned for API updates.

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